Internship in Wakatobi Indonesia for 6 Months

Hi everyone, my name is Danu currently studying in Tourism Destination sector.
I got an opportunity to have internship in Wakatobi for 6 months.

I took direct flight from Semarang to Makassar, stayed one night in Ibis Budget Airport Hotel Makassar then in the next morning I flew to Wangi Wangi Island which was Matahora Airport.

The price for the ticket was not really expensive.

1. Semarang - Makassar, I got arround Rp. 650.000
2. Makassar - Wakatobi (Wangi-Wangi), arround Rp. 800.000
3. Ibis Budget Hotel Makassar, arround 500.000 per night.  (Next post I will share about this hotel, very cute hotel, I love it so much )

Because of my company (just like a boss, HAHAHA ) paid for all my stuff so I cant give the certain price ( SORRY :') !!! ) . But I flew on weekend so it was more expensive than weekdays.

The unique thing was when I flew to Wakatobi from Makassar, the plane stopped to Kendari first and was waiting the passenger from Kendari which flew to Wakatobi. Just like bus haa ?? HAHAHAHA.

Plane that was used to Wakatobi was small plane, so scary actually and the wight for baggage was only 10 kg and I got overload, I was affraid if I would pay a lot. But thanks to the almighty God it was not really expensive for over per KG. Per KG was only Rp.22.000.

Arrived in Matahora Airport, Wangi Wangi island, Wakatobi. I was shoked with the airport, the airport was very small, just unlike airport in usual.
Waited my overload luggage, and exit... waiting for someone pick me up then finally I met a man, asked me and I went to my hotel for stay.

The signal in here was very very very slow, I used Indosat but it wasnt working in here so I bought new provider number which was TELKOMSEL, very expensive but I didnt have any choice.
The price fof internet was Rp. 50.000 for only 2 GB. So sad haaa :(

I have some video that I really want to upload, but because low signal here. I can't upload it. I AM SO SORRY READERS!!

I will stay in here for 6 months. So dont worry, I will advice about Wakatobi. HAHAHAH!!!

Yeah.. If you have an interest to come to Wakatobi and looking for some info, dont hesitate to contact me.
Send me in email  : or invite my LINE ID : danukpandu.



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