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Internship in Wakatobi Indonesia for 6 Months

Hi everyone, my name is Danu currently studying in Tourism Destination sector. I got an opportunity to have internship in Wakatobi for 6 months. I took direct flight from Semarang to Makassar, stayed one night in Ibis Budget Airport Hotel Makassar then in the next morning I flew to Wangi Wangi Island which was Matahora Airport. The price for the ticket was not really expensive. 1. Semarang - Makassar, I got arround Rp. 650.000 2. Makassar - Wakatobi (Wangi-Wangi), arround Rp. 800.000 3. Ibis Budget Hotel Makassar, arround 500.000 per night.  (Next post I will share about this hotel, very cute hotel, I love it so much ) Because of my company (just like a boss, HAHAHA ) paid for all my stuff so I cant give the certain price ( SORRY :') !!! ) . But I flew on weekend so it was more expensive than weekdays. The unique thing was when I flew to Wakatobi from Makassar, the plane stopped to Kendari first and was waiting the passenger from Kendari which flew to Wakatobi. Just li